Thursday, May 20, 2010


I just need to vent for a second. I hate my job. It's hard. 6% of the time, it seems like the perfect situation. The other 94% of the time? I'm in hell. Pardon my french.

I find that running a maid service is not for me. I run the entire business. It's not fun. I'm losing my mind. My hair might as well be half-silver. Just call me whitey. This job has taken such a toll on both my mind and body. I am trying to stay positive, but just when things seem to be working out, some unhappy girl ruins it for the rest of us. It's like a domino effect. Or in Logan's words, "A death spiral".

Does anyone out there need a virtual assistant? I am extremely qualified. More than you can imagine. Please help!!!

*On a happier note, we are going camping tomorrow night. Our phones will be out of service, so nobody from work will be able to reach me... :)


  1. Oh man! That sucks! I'm sorry! How about you move to Idaho and you can be my nanny and we can play all day!

  2. That actually does sound like Hell...I excused your French so you have to excuse mine:D I'm sorry things are tough! I HATE jobs like that...I better not get to in depth here but yeah, been there and sure have done that. Anyway, good luck and have SO much fun camping...and roast smores...they are heart warming and solve every girls problems:D

  3. well whitey, you could be my REAL assistant.....but it's a volunteer position. it involves childcare, sewing and watching Grey's.... interested?

  4. I'm sorry Lex! Come home! We love you!