Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fat Free Snack

Yeah. Right.

Log and I are on the activities committee at church. So, naturally, I have to provide a dessert at every church function without being asked. It is expected. That's what this calling is all about, people.

I decided to make the cake balls. I've made these for a few family functions|parties|Logan and people are always asking for the recipe. The proper credit goes to this lady.

She is always making such fun and creative desserts. The cake balls are really easy. For the actual recipe, see above. For the simple, throw-it-together-and-make-it-look nice-don't-really-care-if-they're-super-sweet way I do it, see below. There is really no difference, but I am just too lazy to type out the actual recipe in extreme detail.

Bake a red velvet cake. Let cool completely. (I let it cool overnight so it's perfect.)

Crumble the cake between your hands and into a large mixing bowl. When the entire cake has been broken apart and crumbled, mix it with one can of cream cheese frosting.

Pick up some of the mixture and roll into little balls about the size of a bouncy ball. You can make 60-80 depending on the size. Place on a large cookie sheet.

After rolling out all the balls, place the cookie sheet(s) in the freezer and walk away. Leave them in there for a few hours to make sure they freeze. The harder they are, the easier it will be to dip them.

After several hours, pull them out of the freezer and melt some chocolate in another large mixing bowl. You'll need a lot. I usually melt 2 bags of milk chocolate or use some almond bark. Add a little vegetable oil to make it thinner. Dip the balls and put them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

*You have to dip quickly because the warm chocolate will soften the balls.*

Put back in the freezer and let the milk chocolate set. After 1 hour, pull them out and melt some white chocolate. Again, add a little vegetable oil to make it a little runny. Drizzle the white chocolate over the top of the balls.

Let the white chocolate set. I put them back in the freezer because I'm like that. But whatevs. After everything is set, put them on a plate, take lots of pics, and enjoy!

** My deepest apologies for the shoddy pics. My camera broke so these are from my iPhone, Charlotte.


  1. Who knew you were so domestic?! I don't even cook dinner! Too bad you don't live in Utah or I'd invite you over just for the yummy treats!

    P.S. I know I suck at blogging, but once my life gets more interesting I'll be a pro!

  2. You need to move back to Utah and make me some of these!! They look so delicious, but I'm too lazy to make anything that takes more than an hour!
    p.s. You should also move back so we can play, not just so you can make me dessert :)

  3. Wow Lex...pretty impressive I must say. Pictures and everything! I am now going to refer to you as "The Pioneer Woman from Denver!" You've definitely earned that title! :)

  4. You've become quite the "domestic goddess"! Love you & miss you!

  5. I love this! I can tell I have hours of entertainment ahead of me to look forward to. Great way to pass the time at work. I'm so glad we can be blog buddies!