Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day trippin to Boulder.....

Lex and I drove up to Boulder today. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful 74 degree, sunny weather. We've been up there before, and were able to explore a lot more this time. We really, really love it there. It would be the perfect little town if it weren't for all the dirty hippies and stinkin pinko libs.
This is me after I climbed a stinkin huge mountain -without ropes. Yeah, I know, right?
Same shot, less zoom.

Just trying to be one with God's creations.

Lexy, the hoodie wearing centerfold. She's hot!!

The town of Boulder below. I love all the fall foliage!!

I'm not awkward at all in this one...... Gosh!!

Boulder - Nice place - lots of dread locks and shoeless, smelly people.

Tree, near the large boulder.... in Boulder.

Me....just bein' a man.


Being the cool people that we are, we decided to go ultra-glam this year for Halloween and go as a keyboard shortcut. We chose to become Ctrl-Alt-Delete! We went to a friend's party and it was so fun. They provided the new version of Guitar Hero. Logan and I are extremely talented at that game, so naturally, we dominated. Here are some pics of our fantastic costume.....

Here we are in our apartment. Take a look around. We have a couch, a blanket, and some brick!

We really did have the best costume at the party. The boxes doubled as a tray for our food!