Monday, December 15, 2008

Trying to win...... BLOGGLED

Be a Hero. Save a blog. Use Bloggled’s Blog Backup and Win an iPod

Have you ever had this experience? You are posting to your blog, click the publish button, and the very next thing you know the screen is blank. So, you click back to your drafts and nothing is there, then you click your published posts and nothing is there. At this point you are starting to think to yourself…oh no, what just happened? As you continue searching your blog admin for information you see that all your uploaded images, videos, files, and everything is gone.

Living through this situation would be enough to devastate any blogger. Knowing that years of data about your person, family, or business is gone can be difficult to overcome emotionally, but even more difficult of a problem to solve. If you haven’t backed up your blog recently, or ever, chances are your posts and everything else are gone for good.

This is the kind of situation that led Brent Ramey to the idea of creating, “and to honestly save anyone in that situation the act of going insane.” is a blog backup company that is allowing bloggers to backup their blog for free as an introductory product to celebrate their official launch out of beta and as a holiday gift this season. Bloggled is also offering multiple prizes to those who participate in their “Be a Hero, Save a Blog Contest” that is running through the day on Monday, December 15, 2008. Winners can choose from either a 16GB iPod Touch, or a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine and it’s quite simple to enter. All you have to do is one of the items below, but if you do more you get entered more times into the drawing…but you have to enter on Monday 12/15 to qualify so act fast, or should I say slow so I have a better chance of winning.

Join Bloggled. Register and sign up for a Bloggled account (
Friend or follow Bloggled on one of the following social network profiles:
Subscribe to Bloggled’s RSS Feed:
Blog about the Blogger Contest on another blog then notify Bloggled about the new blog post by commenting on their blog.

So, I've been trying to enter my information all day long, but it was tough as I was at work. Now, I'm home and need to complete my information! I think this sounds like a great idea and I really hope that my name is drawn as a winner!!!!! I could really use one of those gifts!!!!! Good luck to all who entered!!!! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The BEST day of Logan's life.....

Well, here they are! We finally got our pictures from the wedding! I swear.....we are such a cute couple when we're posing. When the photographer snapped shots secretly, it wasn't flattering. Our favorite memory of the day was when we came out of the temple! Our nephew, Kolby, was sitting outside waiting for us. The moment we came out of those doors, he was clinging. Everyone told him to step down, and that's when he started to cry. It really was the best part of the day! I'll always remember that because there isn't ONE picture of us coming out of the temple alone! Ahhhhhhhh, I love that little guy.

Kolby sees us......

Kolby hugs us.....well, Logan....

He started to cry so we tried to make him feel better......

We only made it worse...........

Steve and Loni!!!! The BEST. They were having a hard time smiling, but we got it! Almost......

Mike and adorable......

I love him.

Classic pose.... I'm so ashamed.

My super beautiful sisters, Sadie and Lacey. Lace is gonna have a baby girl in April!!!!
My first real niece.....:)

He loves me for me.

My new sisters!

Our cake was so freakin' delicious. Too bad we only had a bite......

HE WOULD......

Bridesmaids..... they were all so pretty! Alli, Ari, Sadie, precious.

Cute Josh....

I can always make him laugh....

Between poses........we were SO tired!!!

This is my fave. I think that the lamp post gives it a sort of Narnia-ish feel. I love it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day trippin to Boulder.....

Lex and I drove up to Boulder today. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful 74 degree, sunny weather. We've been up there before, and were able to explore a lot more this time. We really, really love it there. It would be the perfect little town if it weren't for all the dirty hippies and stinkin pinko libs.
This is me after I climbed a stinkin huge mountain -without ropes. Yeah, I know, right?
Same shot, less zoom.

Just trying to be one with God's creations.

Lexy, the hoodie wearing centerfold. She's hot!!

The town of Boulder below. I love all the fall foliage!!

I'm not awkward at all in this one...... Gosh!!

Boulder - Nice place - lots of dread locks and shoeless, smelly people.

Tree, near the large boulder.... in Boulder.

Me....just bein' a man.


Being the cool people that we are, we decided to go ultra-glam this year for Halloween and go as a keyboard shortcut. We chose to become Ctrl-Alt-Delete! We went to a friend's party and it was so fun. They provided the new version of Guitar Hero. Logan and I are extremely talented at that game, so naturally, we dominated. Here are some pics of our fantastic costume.....

Here we are in our apartment. Take a look around. We have a couch, a blanket, and some brick!

We really did have the best costume at the party. The boxes doubled as a tray for our food!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1st timers

Here we go......... Tonight marks the official opening of the Logan and Lexy Ward blog. I, Lexy, am going to be the usual author of the majority of posts on this thing. Logan will be away, off being the breadwinner, and I will sit here and write about our new life. At the moment, I am home, sitting on the couch awaiting Logan's arrival from work. I'm still trying to figure out how this works, so stay tuned for better stories......