Thursday, March 25, 2010

I changed my mind.

Cupcakes are NOT overrated. We had some friends over for dinner the other night. I hurried home from work and went straight to the kitchen. I got dinner going, but the highlight of the afternoon was getting to make these:

I've made cupcakes, but I never cared to decorate them. Let me tell you, I had a blast piping these suckers! They are a little messy, but I love em'. Decorating is such a delight! Our friends, Court & Cullen, came over for dinner and a show. We watched American Idol. In honor of THOSE stars, I topped the cuppers with chocolates stars!

I decided I am going to start making cupcakes each week. I will be trying new recipes as well as new techniques. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gee, these would be adorable on my bebe.

BUT, since I don't have one, you should put them on yours. They can be found here.

I might just have to go out and rent a child for the weekend. :)