Thursday, May 7, 2009

Valentine's Valentimes

Ok, so I know I'm super late. It's May. Everytime I get on this thing, I vow to be a sturdy blogger. But I can't do it. It's not in my blood. I know that Logan wishes things were different. But they're not. I am who I am. I feel like this takes too long. There are so many distractions. My camera has actually been dead for the last few months, and I JUST RECENTLY found the charger. So here it is: the next addition to our amazing blog. I'm going to catch you up.

Valentine's day rolled around, and as it was our first as a married couple, I wanted it to be super special. So I spent all day slaving around the home. I cleaned, and cooked, and did all these little Martha Stewart-ish things. Logan was studying for the Series-7 that entire week so we hadn't spent any time together. He was at work all day so I had plenty of time to make this perfect.

I had lit candles everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. We didn't have to have any lights on because it was so bright. I had lit mini candles all down the hallway, around the tv, on the desk. I also lined the bar with them, so we were lit up. I made a delish meal with pork chops and I don't even remember because it was so long ago. I made cream-filled cupcakes for dessert that had saying written out in icing. (Thanks, Martha!)

When Log finally came home, he brought me some really pretty lilies. Roses are for traditionalist. And besides, he had given me some for my birthday a few days previous. He also brought me a special book from The Tattered Cover Bookstore. I could get lost in that place!

Anyway, here are a few pics of that joyous event. We had a nice little candlelight dinner, and then we watched The Dutchess. I thought it would be a romantic movie, but it wasn't. It was just sad.......

I crafted that centerpiece out of carnations myself! I was so proud. (Again, thank you, Martha!)

Here are the pretty lilies! They're my fave flower!

I had been begging Logan for a dog since BEFORE we got married......
This is what he gave me.
It was a sign of what was to come.....

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  1. Your hair is getting so long! It's so pretty! I'm glad you has been a while! I miss you!! I will let you know the dates we are planning on coming to Colo"rad"o.