Thursday, May 7, 2009

The newest addition to our family!!!!

Here she is! Her name is Sierra and she is going to be so happy here....
Just kidding.....
This is my brand new niece! My sister had her a few weeks ago! I'm so excited because I am going to Utah tomorrow and will FINALLY get to meet her! I can already tell she's cool - Look at those shades. We both like big sunglasses. She's blonde, tan, and has perfect skin. I can't wait to meet her!!!!
Below is the real addition to our family. His name is Tagg Ward and we love him. About two months ago, a Colorado breeder's home caught fire. The family wasn't home because the house was being renovated. When the firemen showed up, the house was engulfed in flames. They heard that there were puppies in the basement, and went in to rescue them. The ma and pa of the puppies were barking to help the firemen locate them. NO JOKE. I am not making this up. You can even check the news. The firemen rescued every last puppy!!! How lucky is that?!?!
So, I did some digging and found out that the puppies were all going to have to be sold the next day because they didn't have a home anymore. I called the breeder, set up an appointment, and told Logan we were going to look at puppies the next morning. We didn't plan to come home with one, but we wanted to look at them to see if a yorkie was for us. We showed up in front of the breeder's home the next morning and were the first ones there. We spent hours looking at all of the puppies and decided that Tagg was for us. Logan was unsure about the purchase and kept pacing around the cul de sac. People kept asking me if something was wrong with my husband. I just told them that he's a deep thinker when it comes to dogs. :)
We took Tagg home and he immediately bonded with us. We really love him and are glad we made the decision to get him. He has such a great life, and an even bigger personality. He
honestly thinks he's a big dog. He probably thinks he's a human because we treat him like one. I hope you all get to meet him. He's survived a fire....He's a fighter!
Here he is...........Tagg the mighty yorkie!!!
This is his puppy picture. So flippin' cute.

He sleeps on his back all the time.

Here's a pic of me smuggling him into Logan's office. They said no dogs allowed, but Tagg fits in my purse. Oh well!
This is what I mean when I say he's bonded with us. He loves to snuggle up close.....

He likes to sleep on his back and he curls his body up in weird positions.

When I turn on the vacuum, he hides behind this basket.

He also likes to reach into my laundry basket and eat my underwear and socks. He'll do an army crawl over to the basket, slowly stand up, snatch one of the socks, and then run away. I'll be watching him and telling him not to, but he doesn't care. I'm practicing for motherhood.

He sleeps a LOT.

Don't ya just love him???


  1. That is one cute and HAIRY little puppy! :) I love the picture of Lexy with the puppy in her sweatshirt...Sportin' the little guy as an accessory just like Paris Hilton does! Good thinking! :)

  2. WHO IS THIS!??? I loooooove puppies so much. He/she looks so adorable and I love your long hair :-) beautiful girl!

  3. The picture of you smuggling him into the office is my favorite, it made me laugh.

  4. Taggs is sooo cute! I was so happy to see you the other day...Welcome home..wish you were staying longer!! Love Ya!

  5. It sure looks like all that "deep thinking about dogs" really paid off. nick

    by the way, we are excited to see you guys this summer.