Saturday, August 14, 2010

honest-to-blog overload

The husb and I have been all over the place this summer. I quit the the maid thing and found me a new job, but there was some time in between so the next few posts will be about our adventures this summa.

We spent the 4th of July in Idaho. We haven't been there for the 4th since we first started dating. It was nice to be back and see our friends and fam. My bro-in-law, Jason, lives in Driggs so we camped out in his yard. Driggs is great. I will move there someday. Or maybe Victor..

Anyway, we wanted to spend some q-time with the fam so we all packed our tents and hung out in his front yard for a weekend. It was superb. You walk out his front door and you are at the foot of the Tetons. No. Joke. The FOOT.

Glenn Beck was coming to Driggs and that made the trip even better! We planted our chairs in the grass and waited and waited until Glenn could finally grace us with his presence. He's going blind. Sad, really. He's wearing glasses on his talkshow now. :(

photo shoot with Ellie

Aliya's a babe, fo' sho'.

i'm Wendy and i'm cool in my tiger-print blanket!

Shalie the model

our boy, Glenn. It's a bad pic. so sue me.

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