Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let me just say...

how lucky I am to have this guy in my life. He truly is the best husb in the entire universe. He works everyday from 6am to midnight. Midnight. Mid. Night. He is working so hard to provide for our little family. I appreciate everything he does for me. He has such a strong testimony and is such a great example to everyone he meets. I'm truly blessed. And truly lucky. Thanks for all you do, babe. You're the greatest.

Love you, honey-bun-sugar-plum-pumpy-yumpy-yumpkin.


  1. you are way too cute. i barfed a little in my mouth at your cuteness.....

  2. Yah, I'm not sure writing love notes to your husband qualifies for blogging, but, whatever. I guess we'll have to take it since it's all we get. And, yes, it is cute. A little sickening in a sweet sorta way, but cute. JK! Love you guys! Hope yer b-day was awesome!

  3. Oh Lex I wish I could have a hang out night with you so bad, I miss you, whats it been 5 years?!? You have one of the best personalities of anyone I know!